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Ensuring safety on the bread packaging line

The final thesis explains how we ensure safety on the bread packaging line, and also discusses ensuring the safety of machines in general. Machine safety is the basis for safe human-machine cooperation. The following explains what we need to pay attention to in terms of safety and how the safety of machines is implemented. Legislation […]

Designing the user experience and the interface of the online cosmetic store

User experience is the most important component of a successful business. A well-designed user experience ensures easy, fast, and intuitive use of the product to which users remain loyal with certainty. By not following certain guidelines and rules of user experience, negative experiences develop that leave certain consequences. While using the Avon Slovenia online cosmetics […]

INTEGRA – Erasmus+ international pupil exchange happening in OŠ Kungota

As a part of the Erasmus+ co-funded project INTEGRA (Founding the network of technology INTEGRAtionists in pupils’ informal education), the first international pupils’ exchange has been implemented in Slovenia. Last week, over 50 pupils and teachers from Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia conducted a 3-days exchange in the primary school of OŠ Kungota. During the activity […]

DIG4LIFE Coordinators Meeting in the University of Cadiz, Spain

After a year of the European Funded Project Dig4Life (Digital for Literacy and Future Education), the project team got together in the Andalusian city of Cadiz, Spain. The main goal of the Dig4Life project is to develop and pilot-test a serious game among partners from Slovenia, Spain, Austria, Lithuania, Finland, and Italy, using it as […]

Production of a standalone YouTube vlog

The diploma thesis describes the topic of YouTube vlogging. The characteristics, history, the underlying reasons for origination and the goals of vlog and the personality of a good vlogger are described. I have focused on the pioneers of vlogging, the process of vlogging, what is the typical technical equipment for filming vlogs, what is the […]

Comparing supermarket strategies in the Maribor region

Nowadays, the business world is developing very quickly in all areas. It is extremely important to adapt rapidly and use promotion appropriately to increase sales and, as a result, increase the profit of the organization, too. Therefore, the effective functioning of an organization requires two factors, firstly, a well-planned and implemented strategic marketing process and […]

Production of a screenplay formed on research methodology

Since the beginning of human existence, humans have experienced hardship due to the struggle for survival and a constant, dreadful feeling that extinction is imminent. When we are faced with these kinds of truths, life becomes simpler to understand. In the past, we held existence dear to us and were more in tune with nature. […]

Performance increase of a 3D printer

The diploma paper discusses the comparison with the pre-established software conditions between the factory and modified 3D printer and if the modified 3D printer offers any improvements. At the start, there will be a brief overview of the history and basics of 3D-printing and the responsible people for this contribution, what a 3D printer even […]

Design of the moving part of the wood joint press frame

The thesis includes a description of the company, a description of the area of use of the machine, a description of the programs for failure analysis and analysis of the new or improved frame, as well as the changes made to the structure itself. In my thesis I will analyze the damage to the wood […]