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Guest lecture by Ivan Castellanos, Lecturer at the Technological University of El Salvador

As part of the Digital Marketing course of the Economist programme, in collaboration with the Technological University of El Salvador, we hosted Mr. Ivan Castellanos, a full-time lecturer at the Technological University of El Salvador, who focused his lecture “Positive results through the use of appropriate digital communication” on the importance of the individual’s creativity […]

Excursion of Security students to the ŠRC shooting range “RA-TA-TA…”

Students of the Security programme visited the Sports and Recreation Centre “RA-TA-TA…” in Maribor as part of the Armament and Shooting course  with the lecturer Mr. Dušan Gorišek. The excursion took place on two separate dates, 19 and 24 January, due to its content and practical scope. On the first date, the students were briefed on […]

Design and introduction of chairless chair exoskeleton

The research of this diploma thesis is about the design and introduction of ergonomic chair-less chair. This topic really helped me to get more connected with the CAM-CAD software, ergonomics, human health anatomy and work safety and environmental protection. I took this topic because the company has both an assembly section and a production section. […]

Optimization of a small business X operations

In the diploma work, we investigated the optimization of the business of the small company X following the transfer to the younger generation, and the effects of restructuring it in order to increase its competitiveness. At the beginning of the diploma work we present the history of the company to facilitate the understanding of the […]

Modular wooden tree house

In Europe and worldwide, the trend towards timber construction has recently become dominant, as the use of timber in construction and the development of related products have taken on new dimensions. The development of new materials and technologies in the field of timber construction has made timber as a building material competitive with bricks, steel […]

Guest lecture by Mile Nunič, Public Gatherings Specialist

As part of the course Organisation of Transport, Interventions and Public Gatherings of the Security programme, we hosted Mr. Milet Nunič, a specialist in the field of security of public gatherings. Mr. Nunic is also the author and editor of several books, including The Law on the Protection of Public Order and Peace (ZJRM-1): with […]

Guest lecture by Natalija Jelušič Babič, photographer and director of Foto Tatjana

Within the Photography and Computer Graphics course of the Media Production programme, we hosted Ms. Natalia Jelušič Babič, director of the family business Foto Tatjana, which started its long tradition in 1960 and Ms Jelušič Babič is the third generation to carry out the mission of a photographer. The guest lecturer suggested to the students […]

Guest lecture by Jasna Mak, SPOT consulting Podravje

Within the course Economics, Legislation and Marketing in the Media field of the Media Production programme, we hosted Ms. Jasna Mak, consultant, clerk and project manager from the Regional Development Agency for the Podravje Region. The guest lecturer introduced the students to the SPOT consulting (Slovenian Business Point) agency, which provides comprehensive free support services […]

How to set up reciprocal marketing and increase customer purchase by linking brands

We live in a time of globalization that has strongly marked the world economy and brought about both positive and negative changes. Its expansion made it easier for many companies to conduct business but increased competition, which meant seeking new solutions. Thus, many companies began to connect and form alliances in the desire for market […]