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Petra Munda is the IT Student Engineer of the Year 2021

The Student of the Year 2021 award of the Engineering science – Software Computing module was awarded to Petra Munda, who was the fastest and – on top of it – the most successful in completing the requirements of the 2019-2021 generation of the Higher education professional programme of Engineering science. 1. First of all, […]

Project: “Aesthetic Tools”

In the second semester of 2020/2021, Academia students from every major had the opportunity to participate in the CBL class for Photography, subtitled “Aesthetic Tools”. In this project the students followed lectures that examined photography as a visual medium, studying aesthetic approaches as part of history and visual culture, as well as discussing visual language […]

Aljaž Ruis: Student Athlete of the Media Production study programme

Aljaž Ruis is a student athlete and is enrolled in the Media Production study programme of Academia, module Video Production. He is also a professional futsal player and a categorized national class student athlete. Since his childhood, Aljaž liked to play football. He decided for a career in futsal, because of the fast pace of the matches and because […]

Developing a website with React

As a part of this thesis, we will get to know the basics of frontend and backend web development. Basics of every website are HTML, CSS and Javascript, so we will look at how these technologies work in more detail. We’ll also look at differences between three of the currently most popular Javascript frameworks; Angular, […]

Academia students selected to prepare the media representation of the The Research and Education Centre – Mansion Rakičan

The Research and Education Centre – Mansion Rakičan is a public regional organisation in Rakičan, Slovenia, founded by the Municipality of Murska Sobota and co-founded by the Association for Technical Culture of Slovenia. The Research and Education Centre is active in the fields of research, education, tourism and inter-generational cooperation. The Students of Academia carried […]

Construction & Civil Engineering students at laboratory tutorials at the company APROS d.o.o.

The student of the study programme Construction & Civil Engineering carried out their laboratory tutorials for the course Materials at the company APROS d. o. o. The laboratory tutorials covered the process of determining the grain size distribution of soils and stones and the importance and application of this process in the construction industry, in particular for the […]

Quality optimization in the processing department of a selected company

In this diploma thesis we researched and studied the offer of the LX telegram services. We also tried to prove that on the Slovenian market there exists an interest for that kind of service. In this diploma thesis we will also present Pošta Slovenije d. o. o. and existing offer of LX telegram service. We […]

Optimisation of quality in the processing department of a selected company

In the 18th century, diverse organisational structures developed within production companies. Serial production demanded process optimisation in the companies – as in general production as well as in support services. The competing company is thus forced into manufacturing process change; consequently, efficiency, flexibility and lean production systems are achieved. Continuous improvements, process optimisations and satisfied […]

Photographic masterpieces by Academia’s students for the course Project Work in Photography

In the second semester of the academic year 2020/2021, students of the Media Production study programme, Photography module, participated in the course Project Work in Photography.. The course included a participatory approach towards learning, encouraging students to encounter new learning situations in a controlled learning environment, where they could experience photographic work and outdoor production. […]