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Guest lecture by Katarina Ložar, Assistant Director of Vizija Accounting d.d.

As part of the Accounting for Independent Entrepreneurs course of the Economist – Accounting & Finance module, we hosted Ms Katarina Ložar, Assistant Director of Vizija računovodstvo d.d., one of the first accounting services in Slovenia, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year. Ms. Ložar gave a guest lecture describing Vizija d.d., a company […]

Impact of social media on transformation of workplace in travel agencies

Social media is a platform where people can create and share their own content. Having this in mind, I saw it necessary to investigate whether employees have noticed the effect of the constant increase in social media usage, thus bringing noticeable transformation to their workplace. In recent times social media has become one of the […]

Procurement function in the public sector

In the market, you encounter supply and demand for the purpose of acquiring or selling goods and services. In modern times, the interaction between customers and providers from the geographical environment moves to the Internet and the use of e-commerce is created by the global market, which increases the economic efficiency and transparency of the […]

SMEEGE, Erasmus+ project field trip to Madrid

From 22 to 26 November 2021, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia organised a professional excursion to Madrid as part of the international Erasmus+ project SMEEGE. Hosted by the International Formation Centre (IFC) in Madrid, the event provided participants from Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Slovenia with a series of interviews, lectures and […]

Guest lecture by Anica Horvat, Director of FIRST d.o.o.

As part of the Tax course of the Economist – Accounting & Finance module, we hosted Ms. Anica Horvat, Director of the accounting service First d.o.o. in Murska Sobota, one of the largest accounting services in Slovenia, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year. Ms Horvat started her guest lecture with a presentation of […]

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) in part modification

To summarize my diploma thesis, It is all about the complication and its solution in the part modification project with the help of a 3D (CMM) measurement system. The main vision of this research is to produce precise modified parts maintaining the required quality to minimize the reclamation and scrap management. Talking about the primary […]

Exploring development opportunities for Slovenian vine-growing enterprises

In the thesis we researched the development possibilities for a Slovenian company in the vine nursery field. We researched trends in viticulture and vine growing in Slovenia and in the world. Not only for vine nursery. Wine production and vineyards, as well as viticulture, are related to this highly specialized activity. We made market analyses […]

Guest lecture by Violeta Ferk, Management Assistant about Seltron Maribor

As part of the International Business course of the Economist – Technical Commercialist module, we were joined by Ms. Violeta Ferk, Management Assistant at Seltron, winner of the ITM Public Agency Spirit as Exporter of the Year 2019 and graduate of VSŠ Academie. During the guest lecture, Ms Violeta Ferk presented the company that also […]

Guest lecture by Alex Ziernicky, CEO of ZenLab

In the Fundamentals of Computer Systems Operation and Structure course  of the Computing programme – Software Computing and Network Computing module, we were joined in an online lecture by Alex Ziernicky, CEO of ZenLab, a company that develops large-scale and complex software solutions for software vendors (HP, Microsoft, etc.). The main topic of the guest lecture […]